Would you like to spend a night or two on our farm? Live with our farm families?

We have simple but comfortable accommodation in our two converted rice barns with a terrace in front and a comfortable bed inside. Join our families and relax on our idyllic farm.

We do have hot showers and Western toilets. You can come and chill out or we can arrange a program of activities including a walk to the neighbouring village, play p├ętanque or the Lao style netball, called Cato, crossbow shooting or join our cook and help her prepare your Lao dinner.

We have free English lessons for the local kids in the early evening, so if you feel like teaching them, please come and help us out.

Enjoy dinner on our rice terrace, overlooking our extensive rice fields and the mountain in the distance and watch the sun set.

Or you could try to weave your own bamboo hat or forge your own knife with our blacksmith.

Call us and we can arrange a program of activities to suit you.

Come to our Lao farm and enjoy some new experiences!